The Ickes & Enright Group – A Leap of Faith

For over 25 years I have worked with Harold Ickes. When we left the White House in 1997, the decision to start The Ickes & Enright Group was a leap of faith. Now 15 years later, The Ickes & Enright Group is a successful member of the Tiber Creek “family,” consisting of four operating companies serving a variety of clients on both sides of the aisle.

In its 15 plus years, The Ickes & Enright Group has not strayed from its strong Democratic brand – and Harold has not strayed from his strong Democratic roots. These roots were put down, not as many assume due to his birth into a political family, but years later, completely on his own. After working for several years as a cowboy on western ranches, while a student at Stanford University he took up the cause of racial equality and voter rights by working for COFO in Mississippi in 1964 and for CORE in Louisiana in 1965. That self-motivation, passion, and commitment to equal rights and fairness are the principles that have guided his life.

As a result, they are the cornerstone of our business model, and provide the foundation of the work we do for our clients. There has not been a single day of working with my now partner that I have not learned from and grown from his own lessons of the past nearly 50 years. His willingness to show the way and do the hard work is something that one doesn’t come by often – proving the point that a leap of faith is often well worth the risk.