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Harold Ickes

Harold Ickes

Harold Ickes worked for civil rights in Mississippi during 1964 and Louisiana during 1965, an extraordinary time in American history, and a turn of events which led him into the national political arena. He has been active as a Presidential advisor, labor lawyer, political strategist and manager of numerous political campaigns, and during the past nearly two decades, a federal and New York lobbyist.

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Former NYC Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson

Harold has mentored a whole generation of us in politics. I know I would not be where I am without him, and I’m sure Bill [deBlasio] feels the same way.

At a Glance

Career Highlights

  • Partner of the New York Law Firm Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, PC (MSEK), Representing Labor Unions and Their Members, 1977–1993, 1998–Present, and Chairman of the firm from 2014–Present
  • White House Deputy Chief of Staff, 1994–1997
  • Appointed by President Clinton as the Director of the G-7 Meeting of Seven Leading Industrial Countries (Expanded that meeting to 8 to include Russia), 1997
  • Organized Catalist, LLC, a National Voter Database, Which Provides High Quality Data and Modeling Capacity to Democrats and Progressive Organizations, 2005, and President, 2005–Present
  • President of Priorities USA Action, the Democratic Presidential Super PAC, 2012 and 2016
  • Member of the Democratic National Committee, 1988–Present


  • BA, Stanford University
  • JD, Columbia University School of Law


Prior to forming The Ickes & Enright Group with his partner, Janice Ann Enright, Harold served as Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff to President William J. Clinton from January 1994 through January 1997. He also oversaw the President’s successful 1996 re-election campaign — the first incumbent Democratic president re-elected since FDR.

As a lobbyist and government affairs advisor to clients, his approach is similar to that which he employed successfully when practicing law — understanding the details and merits of the client’s objectives and goals, help craft a plan to make the most effective arguments to oppose or support before “the court” whether it be a Congressional office, committee staff, agency of jurisdiction or the White House.

From 1977 through 1993, Harold practiced law in the New York law firm Meyer Suozzi English & Klein, PC, representing labor unions and their members. He rejoined the law firm in 1998 and currently is Chairman of the firm. He continues to co-chair its Labor and Government Relations Departments.

Harold was day-to-day senior advisor to Hillary Clinton’s winning 2000 New York Senate campaign and her 2006 re-election campaign. Long a supporter and promoter of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Harold (who de Blasio calls his mentor) was active in de Blasio’s successful 2013 election for Mayor of NYC, and he served on the Mayor-Elect’s transition team.

By appointment of President Clinton, Harold served as Director of Summit Affairs for the 1997 Denver Summit of the Eight, the meeting of the heads of state of eight of the world’s leading economic nations, formerly known as the “G7 Economic Summit.”

Mr. Ickes graduated with distinction from Stanford University with a BA in Economics in 1964 and received his JD degree from Columbia University School of Law.