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Janice Ann Enright

Janice Ann Enright

In January 1997, Harold and Janice formed The Ickes & Enright Group, a government relations and political strategy firm with strong and deep connections to both Washington, DC and New York. For the past nearly 20 years, it has leveraged its expertise and key relationships with those at the highest levels to advocate for its clients.

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Laura Quinn, CEO, Catalist

Janice is one of the rarest of Washington resources: someone with an expansive network of relationships rooted in trust and genuine esteem. She is one of the first people we call to navigate through complex political terrain.

At a Glance

Career Highlights

  • Clinton/Gore for President Campaign and Democratic National Convention, 1992
  • Clinton/Gore Transition Team, Little Rock, AK, 1992
  • Clinton White House as Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff, 1994–1997
  • Staff Director for US Team which Organized and Hosted the G8 Economic Summit in Denver, 1997
  • Formed The Ickes & Enright Group, Inc., 1997
  • Treasurer Friends of Hillary Clinton, 2008
  • The Only Woman Partner in The Tiber Creek Group, Inc., A Family of Government Relations Companies


  • BS Education, State University of NY at Old Westbury
  • MS in Education of the Deaf (not completed), Adelphi University, NY


For two decades they have continued the work they began while in public service, providing advice, planning, and legislative or executive branch strategies to assist clients in identifying and meeting their goals and objectives in Washington, D.C. and New York. Since 2003, when The Ickes & Enright Group affiliated with Peck, Madigan, Jones & Stewart, and subsequently formed the Tiber Creek Group, adding four additional operating firms and an office in New York City, Janice has been a key member of the management team, serving as the only woman owner and Board member.

Janice and Harold have been working together since 1985, first at the New York law firm of Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, P.C., followed by the 1992 New York Democratic presidential primary campaign, the 1992 Democratic National Convention, and the 1992 Clinton/Gore White House transition team in Little Rock, Arkansas. Janice joined the White House in 1994 as Special Assistant to Harold Ickes, the Deputy Chief of Staff; she was responsible for the management of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff. In that capacity, she was Harold’s primary liaison to senior White House officials, Cabinet members, agency staff, members of Congress and their senior staff, Democratic Party officials, interest groups and the press.

Janice earned her BS in Education from the State University of New York. In her work at the firm, she continues her focus on education, particularly in early learning and workforce development programs for the most vulnerable— hardworking underemployed, underpaid workers in America.